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Ads: We've Got Stories. How will your work stack up with AIM LLC on your side? University of Washington processed 1,450,276 pages of alternative formats from Spring 2014 to Winter 2017, which is equivalent to 483 ft if it is stacked. 43 stories building is 473 ft.
Ads: How will your year add up? University of Arizona has 2 staff members with 10 student workers manages to have 13,300 exam requests from 1500 unique students. 1600 of them were final exams and a total of 1 million minutes proctored.
Ads: 365 Days of Tickets: AIM has 3,300 total tickets with 95% resolved within 48 hours and 92% responded within 4 hours. 44% resolved on first contact. Data generated by Freshdesk Ticketing System 2016.