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Feedback provided on April 4, 2017

Provided by: Barbara Lopez, Manager, Accommodation Services

Of the University of Arizona's 42k student community, approximately 2500 students are affiliated with Disability Resources, (DRC), 1500 of whom utilize exam accommodations, per year. Students are able to request exam accommodations and schedule exams online. DRC works directly with instructors to facilitate exam accommodations either on site at DRC or in the classroom. AIM's easy communication solutions and online interface allow us to contact faculty, store exam-related data in the system that is accurate and reflects specific classroom exam instructions. AIM's online features and customizability allow us to operationalize our philosophy that DRC's testing center is a resource for faculty!

We are able to offer faculty access to view all their student data and at the same time, complete the background exam coordinating work – so that students do not have to. AIM allows disabled students a seamless and convenient experience with respect to exams, one that is very similar to that of their non-disabled classmates. DRC has two full-time staff members, two supervisors (as back-up support) and ten student employees to coordinate exam services for about 2,300 instructors. Over 1 full calendar year, our services include almost one million proctored minutes, 13,300 exam requests and, during fall and spring finals, approximately 1,600 proctored exams per week.

Feedback provided on April 10, 2015

Provided by: Carol Funckes, Senior Associate Director

Before DSMS, the University of Arizona was utilizing its own Visual Basic database. It only took one staff person approximately one year to transition from the old system to full utilization of the streamlined system of DSMS. AIM assisted in the transition by importing current student information from Visual Basic into DSMS. UA utilized one module internally for 6 weeks prior to launching DSMS for staff, students, and instructors.

"We continue to request (and receive) new features and improvements. The AIM's interest in continuing to grow and improve the tool with customer input is one of its strongest features."

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