Integrated Solutions

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Alternative Testing

We know how complicated it is to coordinate testing accommodations, let our software do the hard work. Our web based software allows students to schedule their own exams, gives you scheduling tools, and some other amazing features we'd love to tell you about.

Specific features available include exam check-in, bulk reminders for students, proctors, and faculty, and the ability for faculty to upload exams directly into DSMS. With DSMS your testing center has never been more secure or efficient.

Alternative Formats

Providing accessible textbooks is a big job and we have the tools to help you manage and track textbook requests on your campus. Our Alternative Formats module will help your staff create a streamlined workflow. We also have solutions for you to provide your textbooks without burning a CD or putting them on a USB drive. Ask us for more information about how our system can help students get accessible textbooks easier and faster.

Communication Access

DSMS provides tools for students to make their accommodation requests online, giving you more time to find and schedule interpreters and transcribers. Our equipment checkout features can assist you in tracking FM Systems and requests. DSMS provides features to help you with communication to faculty, scheduling interpreters, transcribers,
and much more!

Notetaking Services

We make it possible for you to have
a 100% paperless notetaking operation. We make the operation seamless from notetaker recruitment, application, and evaluation.

Our system gives you the tools to get your students a great notetaker.

Equipment Checkout

With our inventory and checkout tools, we make managing your equipment easy as cake. From digital voice recorders to laptops DSMS helps you manage your inventory and equipment checkout.

DSMS helps you get your equipment back with reminder features.

Data and Identity Integration

DSMS can synchronize with your institutions enterprise student information system (Banner, PeopleSoft, DataTel, etc.). DSMS also supports single sign on, where your students and staff can login to the system with their college or university credentials (one less password to memorize). With our data and identity integration tools, DSMS makes it easy for your students to utilize the system and easy for your staff to have access to up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Data Reporting

DSMS makes it easy for you to communicate your needs and determine how to allocate your department's resources. Do you feel like you want to do more for your students but you don't have the time? Our software allows your staff to spend more time serving students and less time filling out paperwork.

Our solution can help you be 100% paperless. Spend less time paper-pushing and more time providing your coaching, counseling, programming, and student retention services.

File and Email Management

DSMS file and email management tools makes it easy to store and retrieve correspondence for complex student issues and compliance situations. You can store electronic copies of documentation and other paperwork, all accessible from the student's electronic file.

We provide tools for you to send out emails to students, saving you time and making it easier than ever to reach your students and employees.

Copies of emails sent from DSMS are also saved in the user's mailbox.

Employee Management

Do you work with student employees? Notetakers? Contract employees? DSMS makes it possible to restrict or permit access to data by the role assigned
to the employee.

Appointment Management

Manage appointments and case notes easier with DSMS's appointment management features. DSMS has tools to assist you in setting appointments, creating notes, and tracking appointments by student or by staff member. DSMS's appointment system is compatible with Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, and GMail Calendar (iCAL).

Multi-Campus Deployment

Campus view - If you have a disability services department located on each campus you can configure the software so that staff only see requests from their home campus and send customized letter based on campus.

Case Management

Keep 100% paperless and secure student files and notes that can be accessed by any staff member with designated permission. DSMS allows you to streamline how you track appointments and student interactions for case management and compliance.

Student Management

DSMS allows you to customize what information you collect about your students and how to track them. With DSMS, you can utilize your own disability categories, accommodation names, and student affiliations.

Faculty Notification Letters

With DSMS's customizable email templates you can craft your own messages and letters to faculty. In addition to customizable language for a notification letter you can include links to other resources. Ask us more about ways our customers better communicate with faculty about accommodations to coordinate services.

Student Application

Streamline the process your students use to get started with your office. DSMS allows students to apply for services online, making it simple and easy to track the number of students requesting assistance with your office and the number of students that follow through and actively utilize accommodations. DSMS's student application features also help you process application and review documentation.

E-Form Agreement

Do you have accommodations that need a higher level of coordination and agreement between students and your office or students and instructors? With DSMS you can create electronic agreement forms that can be signed and stored electronically.