Implementation Cost

Announcement: Fastest Deployment: 60 Days.

How Do We Calculate Cost?

Our software package is customizable, allowing you to find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Our yearly maintenance fee is based on the number of modules and the number of current students you are serving (calculated on a yearly basis). Our software allows you to archive student data and re-activate files later at no additional cost.

We serve campuses with as little as 25 students with disabilities to multi-campus systems with over 3000 students. It is our commitment to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers, no matter the size.

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Implementation Plan

DSMS helps you streamline your processes, save on printing costs, and manage your department more efficiently. As with any new software or system implementation can take time. We can help guide you through set-up and provide training to your staff so you can get the most of your time and budget.

The time it will take to implement and fully utilize the software is up to you. There have been implementations as fast as two-weeks, but most campuses should plan to roll out the software over the course of an academic year.

AIM can draw from the experience of our customers across 38 states to make recommendations to streamline your implementation process.

Ours vs. Others

To help you compare, we create a checklist to compare our solutions with other software.

Feature Us Other
Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Compliant  
Two-Factors Authentication  
Multi Campus Deployment  
Unified User Management  
Student Application Management  
Student Profile Management  
Temporary Eligibility  
Appointment and Case Management  
Alternative Testing  
Alternative Formats  
Communication Access  
Notetaking Services  
Instructor Access  
Employee with Accommodations  
Equipment Management  
Powerful Reporting Tools by Student or Services  
Sending Targeted Emails  

Empower your Department with Data Driven Efficiency

  1. Data-driven decision making

    AIM's Disability Services Management Suite (DSMS) can generate real-time data to meet your assessment needs so you can serve your students better.
  2. Increased efficiency for providing more services for student success

    Do you feel like you want to do more for your students but you don't have the time? DSMS allows your staff to spend more time serving students and less time filling out paperwork. Spend less time paper-pushing and more time providing your coaching, counseling, programming, and student retention services.
  3. Real-time statistics, reports, and data at your fingertips

    The DSMS makes it easy for you to communicate your needs and determine how to allocate your department's resources.
  4. Increase communication to academic departments and faculty

    DSMS reporting features give you the capability to provide data to academic departments about the number of students with disabilities in a particular course. This can assist departments in understanding the need for Universal Design and collaboration.

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